Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome to the World Open Squash Blog

Since SquashSite isn't present at the World Open in Kuwait, and therefore will not be providing our usual coverage, we thought we'd put the bulk of the tournament  in Blog format ... easier to post for us, easier to search for you.


  1. How come there is not even a stream of the World Open...?

    Seems to me that Squash at the pinacle event, is not event is not even getting streaming of the event ?

    No wonder the IOC didn't allow squash into the Olympics - sad my sport isn't getting a real look in :(

  2. I agree with sunny!! so poor no doubt that squash doesn't deserve to be in olympic when the biggest tournament as the bigest prize money and the world open is not covered proprely by the media and tv!!

  3. Isn't it that game with a little ball in a small room ? I hear it's a fun game....
    How sad as I remarked to a group over lunch about the " huge" World Open".My group of friends knew very little of the game,and one thought he knew who Jonathon Power was...I commented that he was actually a brilliantly talented World # 1,and how many Canucks had ever reached that lofty perch.
    He said to me " what channel is it on ???
    I had to laugh,we have Poker,Billiards,Curling,Cage Fighting,skating and even DARTS !!! on our huge National channel TSN....which has had Squash on as a virtual filler over the years,and God forbid...never live...taped,cause there is no place to put the commercials ( AKA revenue)because the purity of our sport kills it for TV...."continuous play!!